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Titanium Slag Furnace

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Smelting categories: submerged-arc furnaceProduction: noPower consumption: noDetailed description:一.The process features of smelting titanium slag: Titanium slag is a kind of smelting products with high melting point. Titanium slag melting has the characteristics of strong corrosive, high conductivity and its viscosity can increase rapidly when it’s near the melting point temperature. These performance can happen dramatic changes along with the change of its composition in the process of smelting.The overall structure of titanium slag smelting furnace is half-closed type(can be upgraded to full sealing structure). It is a special type of furnace between electric arc furnace and submerged-arc furnace. When designing titanium slag furnace, we should first consider the process features of melting titanium slag:1.The per unit area power of a heart round is bigger than submerged -arc furnace, and the heat is more concentrated, which can satisfy the requirement of smelting high titanium slag;2.The power of furnace chamber per unit area should be chosen smaller so that it can form a stable protective layer of titanium slag around the molten pool.3.There is an air chamber area with proper height on the top of the furnace in order to prevent the boiling slag liquid from escaping outside.4.The speed of electrode lifting should be fast to meet the requirement of quickly lifting electrode when titanium slag is boiling.5.The soft melt crust of burden cannot make the material fall automatically with the formation of slag and iron. It need operate in a artificial way to continue and it is difficult to deal with the processing about the collapse of spray slag.6.From the point of working system of the electric arc, titanium slag furnace is   between steelmaking furnace and iron alloy, calcium carbide submerged arc furnace, and it is closer to the former, but in the point of ore reduction, it is closer to the latter.二.The technological process of smelting titanium slag:The choice about the technological process of smelting titanium slag is decided by the condition and taste of the material, the state of equipment, technical level, the purpose of the product and economic factors. 1.The titanium concentrate and anthracite coal are sent into the furnace to smelt after mixing the reasonable ingredients by artificial. 2.After the smelting, qualified titanium slag and molten iron are released by the electric furnace, and titanium slag and molten iron slag are poured into slots and hot metal ladle respectively.3.Titanium slag have become the qualified titanium slag products after water cooling or natural cooling, crushing, magnetic separation, and ball milling respectively, and send into the titanium slag storage bin of the finished products.4.The molten iron is made into pig iron for sale after the desulfurization.5.The flue gas of the electric furnace is dealt with the dust catcher, and empty outside after meeting the national emission standard.三.The working process of the titanium slag smelting furnace:1.Charging:Charging ways: A compatible with feeding and continuous feeding, setting stoking machineThe number of charging door: Seven. Among them is a central charging door and the material accounts for 50% of the mixture.Charging process: Use the open arc smelting method of once charging (or continuous charging late). Titanium concentrate and reducing agent after oxidation roasting and burden mixed evenly by using electronic scale are sent into two big bins at the back of electric furnace smelting workshop by conveyor from original materials storehouse, and store in the bin on the top of electric furnace which is sent by a pipe type belt conveyor. After releasing slag and iron smelted last period, it is sent to seven tremie pipes by belt conveyor and added into the furnace. 2.The melting:It is easier to play its characteristics in titanium slag smelting furnace by automatically controlling the electrode lifting device.3.Tapping: Using wall eye machine to open, iron and slag are mixed.四.The equipment characteristics of the titanium slag smelting furnace in our company:1.Electrode lifting system adopts full hydraulic pressure to control (or a type of frequency conversion water-cooled motor), using the world's leading technology of Parker proportional valve to meet all the requirements of electrode lifting, and also fully meet the requirement of quick lifting electrode when titanium slag is boiling.2.The automatic control system of electrode lifting is advanced. Its function of  controlling software is all in readiness. It can adjust the size and speed of reasonable electrode arc flow according to the actual working status of titanium slag furnace to fully meet the different characteristics in the titanium slag smelting process( the early, middle and late), and realize independence or linkage of three-phase electrode and it can control electrode lifting operation automatically or manually.3.Advanced distributed control system; All the titanium slag furnace is controlled by PLC, and equipped with human-computer interface to the monitor and display.The choice of Furnace type: Adopting discontinuous method smelting process of semi-hermetic short hood furnace powder or group material charging can deal with furnace, help to charge, and adjust the material surface. At the same time, it can recycle waste heat and deal with flue gas.Therefore, semi-hermetic short hood furnace is more suitable for smelting high grade of titanium slag.4.Hybrid sealed water cooling furnace cover: Made up by water cooling metal frame and plate trapezoidal water cooling furnace cover, hanging refractory inside, which can let semi-hermetic furnace cover transform to the whole-closed smelting. Closed structure of submerged-arc furnace is for purification and recycling gas. Charging and water-cooling sealing device are used on the electrode hole and charging hole of furnace cover.5.Stoking machine settings: The process of melting titanium slags is an intermittent operation, and the operation of each furnace mainly includes charging, discharge electrode, smelting, and tapping.Stoking machine must be used in the operation process of material accumulation and incrustation according to the smelting characteristics of titanium slag.6.Energy-saving short-net: Made up by water-cooled compensator, water-cooled copper pipe and water-cooled cable, with a new energy-saving short-net structure in triangle arrangement of double wiring outside. The factor of natural power is high.7.Using graphite electrode: this electrode allows a big current density, and it can guarantee the reasonable power supply system, which is helpful for shortening time of smelting and reducing power consumption.8.Electrode copper tile: each phase electrode is held by four pieces of copper tile, and it has reliable work and not easy to happen arc phenomenon for a long service life.9.Electrode put pressure and pull out automatically: large ferroalloy smelting furnace technology of dual hydraulic belleville spring brake is used in electrode band-type brake, and belleville spring can pressurized automatically when clamping the electrode. It has a long service life, simple operation, and reliable performance is superior to the single brake device greatly. Surrounded by pressure sing, and the conductive plate is clamping and loosening by hydraulic cylinder. Adopting up and down the brake and pressure cylinder can realize manual and automatic pressure scale.10.Electric furnace transformer adopts lateral line transformer of saving energy and low loss which can be used 30% overload. On-load voltage regulation by electric, oil and water cooling are equipped with perfect oil temperature, and gas protection device.11.High-voltage electrical appliances adopt vacuum switchgear to control with complete voltage, current, power and electric test measurement and relay protection, and set up the ZnO lightning arrester to absorb the operating overvoltage.五.Main technical parameters and energy consumption of equipment:1.The equipment plan:Feeding and charging mode: automatic feeding, concentrated chargingSmelting operation mode: continuous smelting and timing outWorking system of the electric arc: open arc smelting.Discharging way: to go by car automaticallyPouring way: titanium slag tank/cast iron machine;Dust removal way: half-closed hood, low pressure pulse bag to dust removal2.Electrical parameters of short-net ( design calculation of 20% overload )Current density of conductive copper tube: 3.06A/mm2Current density of copper tile touched with the electrode: 2.02A/cm2Current density of water-cooling cable: 3.76A/ mm2Imbalance degree of short-net:
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