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Dc Electric Arc Pyrolysis Furnace

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Smelting categories: noProduction: noPower consumption: noDetailed description:Dc electric arc pyrolysis furnace (Referred to as pyrolysis furnace) is mainly used in arc heating reaction of the material liquid mixture and take place pyrolysis reaction, resulting in a new kind of combustible mixed gas.Dc electric arc pyrolysis furnace:1.Using low pressure constant current power supply system and power full bridge rectifier power supply output dc current supply stable high power electric arc produced by electrode, and happen heating and pyrolysis reaction for material liquid mixture to produce a new kind of combustible mixed gas.2.Automatic monitoring and automatic adjusting the temperature, liquid level and pressure of material liquid mixture in the pyrolysis tank can let pyrolysis device work continuously and stably for a long time.3.Automatic monitoring records and automatic adjusting the gas flow rate and pressure for the mixed combustible gas produced by pyrolysis can let combustible gas store and condense continuously for a long time.4.Let electrode have continuous automatic feeding, automatic screw, automatic centering and control stable electric arc precisionly and automatic switching between  longitudinal double-position chucks to ensure the stable arc reaction of negative electrode and positive electrode.5.System open the machine safely with the function of real-time monitoring, automatic removal and emergency stopping.6.Industrial control computer is mainly for monitoring the process, and it can set and modify parameters in the conduct site. The programmable controller PLC is used for signal collection, transmission, and communication with each perform instrumentation. Control parameters such as arc voltage, current, and power in the conduct site. The electrode control position precision, gas pressure, and temperature, etc. The temperature, liquid level, and flow of the material liquid mixture are  centralized controlled and monitored.Equipment composition:1) Pyrolysis reaction tank device2) Electrode reaction and transmission device3) Circulation cooling system4) Pneumatic system5) Gas collection system6) Cooling water system7) Security system8) Dc power supply9) Large current circuit10) Automatic control system
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