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High Carbon Ferrochrome Furnace

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Smelting categories: submerged-arc furnaceProduction: ~60t/day per piecePower consumption: 3300~3700kWh/tDetailed description:一.The main use of high carbon ferrochrome (including remake ferrochrome):1.Used as alloy agent for high carbon ball bearing steel, tool steel and high speed steel to improve the hardenability of steel and increase the wear resistance and hardness of the steel;2.Used as the additives for cast iron, improve the wear resistance and hardness of cast iron, and at the same time make the cast iron have good heat resistance.3.Used as chromium raw material in the no-residue method of production of silicon chromium alloy and middle and low, emblem of carbon ferrochrome. 4.Used as raw material contained inscription in the electrolytic process of producing the metal chromium.5.Used as the raw material in the blowing oxygen method of smelting the stainless steel.四.Device configuration scheme:1.Feeding way: The bin mix the material automatically and oblique bridge car operate in a automatic feeding way.2.Electrode form: self baking electrode (electrode paste);3.The electrode lifting way: hydraulic lifting form;4.The electrode band-type brake form: Double hydraulic brake, with putting pressure automatically, is good for electrode roasting;5.Tapping scheme: Open wall eye machine in a full hydraulic pressure way.6.Discharging way: Be sent out by car (mold casting);7.Pouring method: Mold casting and in a way of water quenching slag, is advantageous to recycle the waste to nearby cement factory;8.Transformer configuration: Using three single-phase electric furnace transformer is mainly suitable for considering long-distance transportation weight;9.Power supply mode:  once voltage 35 kv / 10 kv 10.Dust removal equipment: half closed hood and without dust removal equipment. Below the main chimney is equipped with dust settling equipment;五.The description of equipment structure:1.Fixed furnace body, setting 2 tapping holes.2.Low hood structure, double chimney to smoke.3.Self baking electrode: Electrode lifting adopts the form of hydraulic oil cylinder. Electrodes is surrounded by pressure tightly. The conductive plate is clamping and loosening by hydraulic cylinder. Using hydraulic brake and putting oil cylinder pressure can realize manual and automatic pressure putting.4.Short-net: It is made up by water-cooled compensator, water-cooled copper tube, water-cooled cable and water-cooled forging copper tile, using a new energy-saving short-net structure which is controlled straightly by three single phase transformers.5.Electrode distribution can be adjusted to suitable for the change of raw material and process.6.The factory is equipped with high water tower(or cistern)and diesel generator set in case of causing damage to parts because of sudden water stop.7.The hydraulic system: Using integrated block structure, water glycol (flame retardant) is used as hydraulic medium.8.Electric furnace transformer adopts lateral line single-phase transformer of saving energy and low loss which can be used 30% overload. No-load electric voltage regulator, oil and water cooling, equipped with perfect oil temperature, and gas protection device.9.High voltage switch cabinet with complete voltage, current, power and electric test measurement and relay protection, and set up the ZnO lightning arrester to absorb the operating overvoltage.10.Low-voltage electrical control adopts the control system combined the most advanced Siemens PLC and TFT computer, which has the feature of convenient operation and simple maintenance.
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