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Dust Removal Equipment Of Electric Arc Furnace And Refining Furnace

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CHENGDA is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of dust removal equipment of electric arc furnace and refining furnace in China. Should you still have any questions about dust removal equipment of electric arc furnace and refining furnace, please feel free to contact our factory.

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Detailed description:
一.The process of dust removal system:
Arc furnace adopts the way of collecting flue gas by crown combining roof cover and half densely cover and the advantages of this way are: electric furnace forms a set of independent dust collecting system and a way of one-to-one online arrangement.  Two systems can be adjusted according to the difference of working conditions and the equipment running status.
AOD furnace adopts the way of cover roof controlled by crown and combines the form of the fixed guide.
LF refining furnace is in the form of half- airtight cover.
Using the roof cover by crown can collect all the flue gas in the whole process of electric furnace smelting, especially in the process of charging and discharging, which is effective and practical.
Adopting the fixed dome is that at the side of the AOD furnace fixed with the absorption heat resistance wall plate, and the other side in the form of "L" type removable door, lead up the furnace flue gas to the roof cover and taking away.
Adopting airtight cover is try to reduce cold air in the process of smelting and thus can improve the temperature of dealing with the flue gas in system. Under the working temperature of dust catcher withstanding, reducing the flue gas in addition to the dust, can achieve the goal of saving energy.
Using PLC automatically control dust removal system
(1)Pulse (setting time or differential pressure) blow dust.
(2)According to the working condition of smelting automatically adjust the air volume, air pressure and fan power of different dust catcher points.
二.The key technical problems:
1.The quality of the filter bag: The choice about the quality of the filter material determines the resistance of the filter, operation costs, investment costs, and directly affect the emission concentration of the flue gas.
2.Ash removal technology: The performance of ash removal directly affect the service life of filtration efficiency rate and the cloth bag.
3.Flue gas temperature: The control of flue gas temperature directly affects smoking removal effect of airtight cover and workshop roof, tiny negative pressure in the furnace and the life of bag.

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