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Nickel Iron Furnace

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Smelting categories: nickel ironProduction: according to capacityPower consumption: according to capacityDetailed description:Shaanxi ChengDa industrial furnace manufacturing co., LTD. combining technology at home and abroad, has developed a new type of ferroalloy submerged - arc furnace, and a number of technologies and equipment have stayed at a leading level in the domestic.一.Company advantages:Nickel iron furnace is a kind of new energy-saving furnace, which is absorbed equipment at home and abroad in recent years, and combine my company experience with the industrial policy of the specific situation in our country's. It is  optimization products of submerged - arc furnace in our country, and also stay at a  leading level in the domestic, which has built many kinds of nickel iron submerged - arc furnaces such as 6300 KVA, 12500 KVA, 16500 KVA, and 25500 KVA.1.Our company has engaged in the technology development of submerged - arc furnace and short-net for many years. We have developed the parallel short-net, fixed layout short-net and obtriangular short_net, because it has low impedance of short-net, low coefficient of three-phase imbalance, high power factor and  remarkable power saving effect.2.Through the further research of steel structure induction heating near large current bus, we have proved that the power consumption of ferroalloy is high, because there are quite a part of the electrical energy transferring into heating steel structure. According to this theory, we have redesigned the old type furnace, thus creating a new submerged-arc furnace.3.We absorb the foreign advanced experience carefully, and transplant many suitable experience for our country on our new submerged-arc furnace, which makes our company have considerable advantages in design, manufacture, installation, and debugging on submerged-arc furnace.4.We adopt the airbag brake technology about combination with hydraulic and pneumatic technology, using Siemens PLC control system to make electrode device more safe and reliable and improve the operation efficiency of electrode system. Water-cooling protection of large sets can greatly reduce the energy loss after using non-magnetic stainless steel.5.Our company develop and product the submerged-arc furnace dust removal device, and high temperature wear resistance technology is used on the main fan, and using the flexible way to initiate the fan. The whole device adopts PLC control to make the technical performance of device reach a leading level in the domestic.二.Introduction of nickel iron production process (low hood semi-closed form)2.1 SummaryNickel iron have two kinds of production methods-- fire method and wet method. At present, fire method is used basically. The main raw material is divided into sulfide ore and oxidized ore. Submerged-arc furnace is mainly used the method of carbon heat to restore ore into nickel iron.The basic content composition of the mineral is 2.8 %Ni, 0.06 %Co, 13 %Fe, 2 32%Cr, 24 %MgO, Si239 %, and 12% combined water. Preheating to 700 ~ 750 degrees in rotary kiln after drying and calcination, material will be sent to the 18.0m platform by oblique bridge, and added into the bin through material cup. Finally, through the bunker, tremie pipe, and mechanical control switch, material is added near the electrode to smelt in submerged-arc furnace.三.Description of equipment structure:1) fixed furnace; set 2 tapping holes2) the semi-closed short hood structure; double chimney to smoke3) carbon electrodes; Lifting electrode adopts hydraulic cylinder to control; The electrode adopts the way of surrounding by cone shape tightly, with double hydraulic brake and pressure cylinder which can realize manual and automatic pressure scale.4) Short-net consists of water-cooled compensator, water-cooled copper tube, water-cooled cable and water-cooled conductive plate, with a new energy-saving short-net structure with triangle arrangement of double wiring outside.5) Electrode distribution circle can be adjusted in order to suitable for the change of raw material and process.6) circulating water cooling; Devices require extra water system in case of stopping water supply suddenly and causing damage to parts.7) Integrated block structure is used in the hydraulic system. Rise by using oil pressure, and fall back by itself gravity. This system has made considerable improvement on previous system, which is more efficient , safe and reliable.8) Electric furnace transformer adopts lateral line transformer of saving energy and low loss which can be used 30% overload. No-load electric voltage regulator, oil and water cooling, equipped with perfect oil temperature, and gas protection device.9) High voltage electric control by using GBC - 35 vacuum switchgear, with complete voltage, current, power and electric test measurement and relay protection, and set up the ZnO lightning arrester to absorb the operating overvoltage.10) Low-voltage electrical control adopts PLC and relay control to make three-phase power keep balanced.
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